We pride ourselves
in delivering
quality and consistency

We are a food wholesaler in Toronto (Greater Toronto Area) that supplies quality food products to businesses in the hospitality industry. Top Star Foods Trading Ltd. was established in 2013 serving businesses all across the GTA.  Our company’s success comes from years of dedication into delivering quality-oriented products and impeccable service.
Scallops from Top Star Foods Trading
Avocados from Top Star Foods Trading

Why choose to work with us?

Top Star Foods Trading Ltd. recognizes the on-going demand for high-quallity ingredients in our modern foodie society . The success of any restaurants or food service establishments need strong and dependable food suppliers to support them. That’s why we employ the best team, logistics technology, and fleet management systems to do just that – be ready when our clients need us.

How We Do Business

Like most businesses, we put in a lot of efforts in driving new business. Our best strategy thus far revolves around Four Core Competencies:


Quality is the job of every member of our team and also a requirement for everything we do. Our clients can expect from us great products, excellence in client service, and reliable delivery service.


The foundation for trust in a business relationship always entails punctuality. We plan ahead and stay on time because punctuality is crucial to us.


Dependability is a key element for achieving our competitive advantage in a dynamic food market.


Our team will always make time to assist clients to ensure long-term and successful partnerships.

Using technology to optimize and innovate our order-flow, we aim to
make ordering supplies a breeze so you can focus more on the rest of your business.

With over 7 years of heritage in food wholesale, we deliver to all of Toronto and its neighbouring cities and towns.
From Warehouse Management to Post-Sales Support, our dedicated team of professionals will be there to provide guidance and answers to our clients’ questions.